Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hip Replacement Recovery

Two weeks out from hip replacement surgery I am hobbling around on a walker.  I can get up and down stairs only with  Jim’s help.  He also feeds me, brings me water, reminds me to take my meds, and generally waits on me.  Sheila was here the first week out of the hospital, providing more help and company. The occupational therapist suggested I hang a bag on the walker to carry things with me, so to the bag stash I went to find one with long enough handles.  As always, Meg Swansen had the solution:

imageA medium size knitting project fits, a water bottle fits, a shawl fits, my phone, my iPad, a book …






I am still working on the pattern for the Cushy Cozy socks.  Two test knitters came up with the same problem so I guess I have to correct it.  This pattern writing business sure eats into actual knitting time!  I added the missing information and am trying again with some Lorna’s Laces sport weight at a looser gauge.








Yesterday three knitting buddies came over.  Morgaine, ever the enabler, brought a set of Carbonz Interchangeable needles in a lovely box.  I hadn’t tried these needles so of course I had to try them.  Lovely.  The box itself is a beautiful thing, and the needles, US sizes 4-11, are great to work with. They have metal tips, carbon fiber shafts, flexible but not kinky cables, and a medium sharp point.  She had four sets, three were sold before she left.



New Knits for Julia

Just off the blocking board – Welcome to the Flock for Julia.  Little black and white sheep frolicking on a green meadow.


image Her mom asked for labels in her sweaters, so I dug out some old ones from the last time I tried to make a go of knitting for others: Nina Custom Knits, last heard from sometime in 1982.  Couple more hats on their way to Baltimore as well – but no more three color-in-a-row sheep.